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17th Mar - Weekly Technology Investment Update

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Some very interesting & varied investments into the tech SME space over the last week. Here's my breakdown 👇

📖💻Legl - £5m
Operations software for law firms, including digital client onboarding tools. It also operates Crowd Justice, which is a crowdfunding platform for legal cases.
Julia Salasky

☎💳DIEM - Your Bank of Things - $5.5
A banking app, allowing users to convert personal items into credit.
Geri Cupi

👬👨‍⚕️HelloSelf - £5.5M
Online service which allows its users to access cognitive behavioural therapists through video calling.
Charles Wells

🚎🚋Transreport - £2.3M
Mobile apps that allow public transport users to report issues and apply for refunds for delayed or cancelled journeys.
Jay Shen

👨‍💻Scoro - $16m
Management software aimed at businesses.
Fred Krieger

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