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9th March - Weekly Technology Investment Update

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As we enter the final month of Q1 we're seeing some really interesting investments into the UK technology space 💻 👇

Perfect Ward - £4m
Operates a mobile app designed to improve how ward inspections are recorded and assessed.
Tim Bolot

Countingup - £9.1m
An app for owners of small businesses that acts as both a current account and accountancy software.
Tim Fouracre

Easol - $4.5m
Software for travel and experience companies.
Ben Simpson

StorageOS - $10m
Online storage and develops software for storage management.
Alex Chircop

Bother - £4.4m
AI-based software that enables users to order a range of household essentials with the aim of reducing waste.
Douglas Morton

Laundryheap - €2.8m
Provides a 24 hour turnaround pick up and delivery laundry and dry cleaning service.
Deyan D.

Gophr - £4m
A courier company, using smart technology and data designed to provide same day deliveries with lower operational costs than standard for the industry.
Seb Robert

tru.ID - £3m
An authentication platform for mobile apps, which uses mobile phone numbers for verification.
Paul McGuire

GoodBox - £9m
Fundraising payment devices, which are designed to replace charity collection boxes
Francesca Hodgson


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