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Apple Investments

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Applehas acquired about 100 companies in 6 years 🎯🚀

That's a company every three to four weeks 🤯 👇

Apple's largest acquisition in the last decade was its $3bn purchase of Beats by Dr. Dre💸

Another notable purchase was music recognition software company Shazam, for $400m in 2018 🎵

However, Appleusually buys smaller technology firms and then incorporates their innovations into its own products. 👇

PRIMESENSE LIMITED, an Israeli 3D sensing company whose technology contributed to Apple’s FaceID 🍎😊, a self-driving shuttle firm 🚗

The company also took a $1bn stake in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing👋🚘

Microsoftpaid $26bn for LinkedIn, Amazonpaid $13.7bn for Whole Foods Marketand Facebookpaid $19bn for WhatsApp.

Apple’s ten largest purchases put together would still be worth far less than any of those deals.


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