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FROM THE MD: Camino Search's New USA Office

Harry Landscape

I’m excited to let you know about a phenomenal up-and-coming milestone in the Camino Search journey and what this means in terms of added value to all of our clients and candidates within our global search network.

We’re very proud to announce that due to the amazing support of our candidates and our clients and the demand for our search expertise in the tech and SaaS sectors, we’re announcing the impending opening of our first international office in the United States – in Tampa, Fl.

Whilst we are already specialising in supporting our clients’ needs, globally, across a network of tens-of-thousands of professionals working across the tech and SaaS sectors, the demand for our services will soon reach a point where we need to ensure that we continue to meet the service expectations our clients in the United States, by opening an office and establishing a permanent function in Tampa.

Nathan Placks, our head of M&A and Oscar Cabrera, our head of US finance, are spearheading our plans to start this exciting journey in March – I will also be joining them initially to help establish this operation. Nathan will also continue to focus on European and global markets from the states and has also established a team in London to support his client network. With Nathan and Oscar consulting from the USA, we can provide a much greater service level in the Americas - but with experienced dedicated teams remaining in London to manage all of our global clients’ requirements.

This opportunity also affords us the opportunity to liaise with a wider candidate network across North and South America. The benefits of wider talent base from which we engage with will further benefit both clients’ and candidates’ appointment ambitions and deliver added dimension to our global mobility proposition.

I would also like to assure all of our clients within our global network, that despite my initial move to the USA, my time will be split, as needed, between overseeing the UK practice, headquartered in London and helping our team in the USA develop this exciting new venture. Our business has also developed a promising and successful management structure to help me achieve this requirement. Camino Search has also hired two new members of its directing staff to build an internal learning and development academy which will train and develop the next generation of search consultants to deliver the high standards we expect to our clients and our candidates.

Noticeably a USA office also means we will seek to employ and empower graduates, within the Tampa area, with training and development opportunities in line with our successful consultant academy training model.

I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to keep up to date with our journey on LinkedIn here.

Finally, may I take the opportunity to thank all clients, candidates and supporters of the Camino Search journey so far, who have trusted, invested and assisted us in our success to date. Camino Search's focus remains to deliver the best hiring and search consulting experience possible for both candidates and clients. Globally.

May 2024 bring us all ongoing success.


Harry Hewson